Our Team

Beverage Director:James MacInnes

Prominent local bartender, James Mcleenes, serves as KAORI’s beverage director, where he expertly hand-crafts spirit-forward cocktails that pull ingredients from the restaurant’s Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. His residencies in Sydney, New York, and Miami inform his methodology and ingenuity–resulting in elegantly presented cocktails where minimalism is a mantra.

Wine Program: Macarena Carrillo and Mariel Dalmau

KAORI’s wine and sake programming is spearheaded by trailblazers Macarena Carrillo and Mariel Dalmau, founders of the natural wine social club, Grape Crush Miami. With their eagerness to educate and passion for wine, Carillo and Dalmau have gained a cult following among those with a growing interest in artisanal wines and new flavor profiles. Their method draws on complementary flavors and exciting pairings, as well as a focus on sustainability and the use of creative programming to build a community around wine culture.


Interior Design: Esteban Bressan

Thoughtfully designed by Esteban Bressan, echoing the Japanese principle of Wabi-Sabi, the space invites us to reflect through its monastic design and textured palette of natural materials–including unfinished wood, concrete, and stone. Bressan’s clean-line, beautifully designed architecture is expertly married with the soft sunlight that pours through purposefully designed large windows. The overall effect is a casual yet elevated abode with modernist sensibilities and a striking sense of serenity.